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One of the perfect and fastest ways for immigrate to Australia is to get an Australian investment visa. Get an Australian business visas including investment visas is administratively and legally complicated so before applying for such visas it is suggested that you consult with an Australian Immigration attorney. Australian investment visa will include those who own a business or high financial capacity for investment. To get an Australian investment visa, investment and business must be done in Australia or this investment will be done in buying state-owned companies shares and Special areas which currently use less. An Australian investment visa is one of the way to get residency in Australia.

The Australian entrepreneurship special program with just $200,000 personal investment allow you dear applicants to live wherever you want in Australia and start your own business and get permanent residence for yourself and your family.

Investment visas in Australia are divided into two categories based on the type of residence:

Business Innovation and Investment  visa(subclass 188)

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to immigrate to Australia is to get an Australian investment visa Because applicants for this way have the sufficient capital to get a visa and residency in Australia. We are going to review the 188 Australian visa in this article. The Australian 188 visa is for business owners, entrepreneurs and merchants that their business has been successful and they have great records in the executive management at high levels and their priority is always acceleration in doing things. Australia due to great conditions including high standard of living, dynamic economy and economic stability has become a country that investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world try to Apply for investment and residency in Australia. The Australian 188 visa temporary residence for four years (Subclass188) is divided into the following three sub-categories:

  • Entrepreneurship visa
  • Ordinary investment visa
  • Special investment visa

These visas are valid for 4 years and 3 months from the time they are granted. However, if your application for a visa is registered before July 1, 2015, the duration of this stay is 4 years.

By obtaining this visa, you can use following benefits:

  • you can live in Australia for 4 years and 3 months
  • your spouse, children and those who are completely dependent on you can come to Australia with you.
  • Your family members are also allowed to work and live in Australia
  • It paves the way for you to apply for permanent residence in Australia 888 visa or other visa.

Business Innovation and Investment visa(Subclass 888)

An Australian 888 visa is one of the options if you decide to apply for permanent residence in Australia. The Australian 888 visa is a permanent resident visa and the second stage of the Australian investment visa 188. Applicant before applying for an Australian 888 visa and permanent residence in Australia, must provide requirements of Australian residence visa with subclass 188. Please note if the applicant has already immigrated to Australia with an Australian 188 Investment visa, must provide evidence to show before filing for Receive permanent residence in Australia, the sponsoring state or region has not withdrawn its support for the applicant. In fact you do not need to provide an EOI when applying for an Australian 888 permanent resident visa but a business license from one of the Australian states is still required.

Business Talent visa(Subclass 132)

The Australian 132 permanent residence visa is for executives and business owners and applicants who has more ability to invest in Australia. You as the applicant for this visa, must commit after receiving the visa and entering Australia, Bring $ 1.5 million to Australia and invest in business.
The Subclass 132 visa has the advantage of getting an Australian permanent resident visa from the first before you and your family enter Australia And you will receive its benefits, including the use of medical services and the possibility of free education for children in Australia.
In this kind of visa, all investments are made by the applicant with his full authority.