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One type of Australian visa is the marriage visa of this country. An Australian marriage visa is for people whose spouse is a resident citizen of Australia or has the permanent residency of Australia and wants to in immigrate to Australia by this way. The conditions of the migration office for receiving an Australian marriage visa implies that the applicant must be legally married to a person who is an Australian resident and provide legal evidences of marriage or be able to prove to the immigration office that they have had lived together for 12 months prior to filing. In this case, the applicant must usually provide various evidences indicating the cohabitation of 2 people, to be able to have the qualifications for obtaining an Australian marriage visa. People who arrive in Australia after obtaining the marriage visa can benefit from the most of the facilities of an Australian citizen and work full- time without any conditions. The Australian marriage visa will be capable of changing into an Australian permanent residency visa, if the applicant be able to after 2 years of obtaining the marriage visa show evidences to the inspector of the immigration office, that they have lived together and has the qualifications for receiving permanent residency. The Australian engagement visa will be valid for 9 months and the marriage must be formalized during these 9 months, otherwise the person’s visa will be cancelled and he or she must return to his or her home country.

The Australian 309 visa

The Australian 309 visa or Australian 309 subclass marriage visa, in which the applicant can stay in Australia for 2 years, and in this way they gain an Australian temporary residency. The Australian 309 visa is special to people whose spouse is an Australian citizen with this country permanent residency or in special conditions is a citizen of New Zealand living in Australia. The Australian visa holders can apply for the permanent residency of Australia through an Australian 100 visa after 2 years of living together and if they have the necessary conditions. Be careful the Australian 309 visa is credible for … ¬†months and in this period you must enter Australia and marry your desired person.

The Australian 100 visa

The Australian 100 visa or Australian 100 class marriage visa is the next visa for checking. An Australian 100 visa is the second stage of the Australian 309 visa and somehow is the complimentary to Australian 309 visa. The Australian 100 visa is an Australian permanent residency visa which will be issued two years after the issuance of the Australian 390 visa according to the evidences which the applicant provides for their inhabitation during these 24 months.

The Australian 820 visa

All conditions for an Australian 820 visa are similar to the Australian 309 visa except that the applicant must have entered Australia through other visas to be able to apply through this Visa. After receiving this Visa and two years later she or he can apply for obtaining an 801 permanent residence visa.

The Australian 801visa

An Australian 801 visa is considered as an Australian permanent residency visa and is included in the second stage of the Australian 820 visa that the Australian marriage visa applicants can apply for the Australian an 801 visa, 2-years after the issuance of an Australian 820 visa and by providing evidences of cohabitation and during these 24 months. So, it can be concluded that the applicants who are inside Australia and whose spouse or partner is an Australian or New Zealand citizen or he/she has an Australian permanent residency and have an Australian 820 visa, can apply for an 801 visa after 2 years.