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I will completely explain some ways to apply for an Australian student visa. If you have a confirmed registration at one of the licensed and official training centers in Australia, you can apply for receiving the Australian student visa. The Australian student visa allows you to study and travel to and from Australia unlimitedly. Your spouse and children can also accompany you. You’re allowed to work limitedly at the time of study (20 hours a week) and to work full-time during the vacations. The time of this Visa can be up to 2 to 4 months after graduation based on your graduation time.

If your ultimate purpose of obtaining this Visa is receiving constant residence in Australia certainly contact us, before applying for a student visa, to provide you with necessary guidance. Choosing the suitable field of study, suitable University and city and even the choices you have registered on your student visa application forms can greatly affect your permanent residency process.

Australian 500 visa

This visa has been substituted with several different types of student visas in 2016. To apply for student visas (Elementary to the end of high school), the student visas for short-term courses, bachelor courses, MA courses and Ph.D. courses; you must apply for an Australian 500 visa.

Important points in the process of obtaining this Visa:

  • Provide a language certificate with a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 for each half score deducted from the IELTS minimum score, 10 weeks will be added to your study period.
  • providing documents indicating your ability to afford your life and study expenses in Australia.
  • providing evidences including that you are only going to study in Australia, and you will leave this country after graduating.
  • a special health insurance must be purchased for the complete period of study.